Operators field of view


The European standard EN 474-1 states that for the operator's view earth-moving machines shall be designed in accordance with ISO 5006 so that the operator has sufficient visibility from the operator's station in relation to the travel and work areas of the machine that are necessary for the intended use of the machine.his new stage, the European mobile machinery will become the cleanest in the world.

Recent developments

A new version of the ISO 5006 standard has been published in 2017. This new version, ISO 5006:2017, has successfully addressed the 5 recommendations related to residual risks from the Machinery ADCO Group (the Administrative Coordination group of the machinery directive). The recommendations were:

  1. Direct visibility to be preferred.
  2. Improve the near field visibility by reducing the test object height from 1.5 to 1.0 m, taking into acount the particular configuration of certain machines, e.g. dozers.
  1. Improve the installation of additional devices (e.g. monitors, mirrors) taking account of ergonomic constraints affecting the operator. Such devices to permit a view to the rear when reversing to be positioned in front of the operator.
  1. Devices for increasing visibility must not be compromised by moving parts (e.g. boom, attachments).
  1. “Mirror to mirror systems” shall not be permitted.

Currently the ISO 5006 standard is further under revision and many new aspects deem to be relevant like the inclusion of bigger machines and indirect detection systems (e.g. ultra-sound, radar, active/passive infrared), practical experience gained, the intensification of ergonomic principles (driver's ability to absorb and process information), the adaption of the vertical test object dimension, the number of visual aids and options for the use of e.g. new visual aid systems such as top-view, birdview, person recognition systems, etc.


CECE Comments

CECE recommends all stakeholders to actively participate in the on-going full revision of ISO 5006.



CECE Position Paper - Germany's concerns raised in presentation WG-2016.41

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