Machinery Safety


The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is applicable since 29 December 2009 and provides the regulatory basis for the harmonisation of the essential health and safety requirements for machinery at EU level. This "New Approach" Directive promotes harmonisation through a combination of mandatory essential health and safety requirements and voluntary harmonised standards for products which are intended to be placed on the EU market (and/or put into service) for the first time. The Directive was amended in 2009 with specific provisions relating to machinery for pesticide application.


CECE Comments

CECE recommends the Commission's guidelines and the specific CECE guidelines for the Declaration of Conformity, Declaration of Incorporation, fixed guards and identification of partly completed machinery, interchangeable equipment, tools and lifting accessories.

The safety standards are developed by interested stakeholders who normally come from industry, research and test institutions, trade unions and public authorities responsible for safety enforcement. CECE wants the public authorities not to misuse the formal objection and safeguard clauses. CECE recommends that the Committees in charge of the formal objections and safeguard clause should reject any such proposals on newly drafted and published CEN standards.

CECE recommends the European Commission to strengthen the Machinery Directive  by adapting it to the New Legislative Framework as this will lead to even greater harmonisation and will reinforce market surveillance. CECE recommends not to touch this well-functioning and stable piece of legislation.