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CECE is the recognized organization representing and promoting the European construction equipment and related industries, co-ordinating the views of National Associations and their members by influencing the European/National Institutions and other organizations worldwide to achieve a fair competitive environment via harmonized standards and regulations.

CECE is a European network consisting of a Secretariat in Brussels and the National Association offices in the different countries. While the coordinating function is with the Secretariat in Brussels, much of the work of CECE is conducted by staff of the national associations and also industry representatives. The CECE network by this fits to the needs of the political structures of the European Union as well as the necessities of an industry with many small and medium-sized companies in addition to global players.

CECE represents the interests of national construction equipment manufacturer associations in Europe. The sector counts around 1200 companies that employ about 300,000 people directly and indirectly. Their annual revenues amount to ca. 40 billion euros. The sector’s durable and innovative machinery are working tools to help to build the houses, offices, factories, roads, railways and bridges that serve citizens across the globe. Manufacturers invest and innovate continuously to deliver equipment with highest productivity and lowest environmental impact. Efficiency, safety and high-precision technologies are key.

CECE Code of Conduct

CECE Code of Conduct - Meetings