CECE Mining


What is CECE Mining

CECE Mining regroups the activities carried out by CECE  to place a focus on mining equipment. Starting from January 2024, a two-person team is dedicated to these activities.

The goals of CECE Mining are the following:

  • Represent our member associations and mining equipment manufacturers to a broad range of stakeholders, from European institutions to other industry federations, particularly those representing mining industry.
  • Participate in the debate around the EU Critical Raw Materials Act and provide recommendations to European and national authorities to ensure an implementation that is in the best interest of our members.
  • Monitor EU regulatory initiatives specific to the mining equipment and technology industry and carry out advocacy work to share the perspective of the industry to policymakers.

Our vision

Why our industry matters:

  • Essential to the mining value chain - Mining equipment and technology is a key element in the mining value chain: without them modern mining industry simply would not exist.
  • Innovation in mining equipment and technology at the heart of the industry transition - To ensure the transition towards a more sustainable mining industry while increasing productivity, innovation in equipment, technologies and mining practices is a must. Over the years, mining equipment and technology providers have demonstrated their ability to contribute to  the transition/this progress by bringing to market a number of groundbreaking innovations from autonomous driving equipment to electrification.
  • Key economic driver for EU industry – Our members operate a vast number of production plants, development and testing centres throughout Europe, contributing to prosperity of the local communities. The combined value of EU-27 mining equipment exports in 2022 was close to 8 billion € (source VDMA).
  • Contribution to resilience of EU economy – By providing equipment and technology developed and/or manufactured within the European territory to mining projects in Europe, our industry is helping ensure the resilience of the European economy as a whole.

How we operate

Secretariat: the CECE Mining Secretariat is the main coordination body in charge of organizing members meetings, communication with external stakeholders and drafting policy documents. Enrico Borella, Public Affairs Manager Mining and Klaus Stöckmann, Policy Manager Mining, are part of the Secretariat and they are supported by the rest of CECE team for activities related to PR & communication, statistical publications and regulatory affairs.

Product Group Mining: CECE PG Mining is a working group dedicated to mining equipment and technology. It gathers representatives from national associations, as well as companies that manufacture mining equipment and technology. PG Mining provides guidance and recommendations to the activities of CECE Mining Secretariat and its meets at least once per quarter.