Outdoor Noise


The purpose of Directive 2000/14/EC is to harmonise EU Member States' legislation on noise emission limits, measurement methods and labelling requirements for 57 categories of construction and other types of equipment used outdoors. For 22 categories of equipment, Stage I noise limits began in 2002 and reduced limits for a Stage II began in 2006. An amending Directive 2005/88/EC, allows Stage I limits to apply beyond 2006 for some categories of construction equipment.

Together with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, both pieces of legislation address problems from noise emissions, with the Machinery Directive focusing largely on the occupational safety of the operator (amongst many other health and safety concerns and a much wider scope of products) and the Outdoor Noise Directive on the overall environmental effects.

CECE Comments

CECE shares the Directive's positive approach for the protection of the environment, together with the goal of ensuring that legislative requirements are both technically achievable whilst allowing the continuing functionality of the equipment.