CECE’s General Assembly includes all national member associations. The General Assembly elect a President and two Vice Presidents for a term of two years, who represent CECE externally. The General Assembly also elects the Executive Committee, consisting of the directors of the national member associations. Together with the Presidents of the national associations (Presidents‘ Committee) and the chairmen of CECE's most important Commissions, the Executive Committee forms the CECE Steering Group.

The content related work of CECE is organised by topics as well as products. The work on topics is handled by Commissions, which may set up Project Teams for specific tasks.  Topics relevant for a limited range of products are handled via Product Groups.

President & Vice-Presidents

The President assisted by a first and second Vice-President ensures the co-ordination of work and the external representation of CECE.


    President: Bernd Holz (Ammann)

    1st Vice-President: Enrico Prandini (Komatsu)

    2nd Vice-President: Lars-Göran Andersson (Volvo Construction Equipment)

Presidents' Committee & Executive Committee

The Presidents' Committee consists of the President, the Vice-Presidents and an industry representative from the national member associations.

The members are:

  • Ulrich Hammerle - FMMI- Austria - Liebherr
  • Bruno Labie - Agoria - Belgium - Caterpillar
  • Bernd Holz - President - SVSS - Czech Republic - Ammann
  • Hinrich Kress - Technology Industries of Finland - Finland - Sandvik
  • Henri Marchetta - CISMA - France - Mecalac Group
  • Johann Sailer - VDMA - Germany - GEDA Dechentreiter
  • Enrico Prandini - 1st Vice-President - UNACEA - Italy - Komatsu
  • Andrey Komov - AEB - Russian Federation - Volvo Construction
  • Pedro Jesus Juan Boix - ANMOPYC - Spain - SERVIPLEM
  • Lars-Göran Andersson - 2nd Vice-President - SACE - Sweden - VOLVO Construction Equipment
  • Paul Burger - FMIB - the Netherlands - Hitachi Construction Machinery
  • Halil Tamer Öztoygar - IMDER - Turkey - HMF
  • Nigel Baseley - CEA - UK - Perkins Engines Company Ltd

The Executive Committee is composed of Directors of National Associations or persons proposed by them to fill this role. The Executive Committee has the widest powers for the administration and the management of the association.


Topics that are not specific for a certain type of machinery are handled within CECE  by horizontal Commissions and if needed by dedicated Project Teams.

For the Technical Work two Commissions and several Project Teams have been established:

The High-Level Technical Policy Advisory Group (HLTPAG) consists of CTOs of companies with a strong interest in European topics. They are nominated by the national member associations. The group advises the CECE Steering Group with regard to the strategic positioning, priorities and positions on technical and environmental subjects.
The HLTPAG is chaired by Wolfgang Burget from Liebherr.

The Technical Commission (TC) brings together technical experts from national associations and industry. They review the work of the Project Teams (PTs) and discuss technical topics not covered by a specific PT. The TC is also a platform to inform non-PT members about the ongoing work.
The TC is chaired by Dale Camsell from Terex.

CECE's Statistical Commission (SC) brings together statistical and market experts from member associations and companies in order to optimise the statistical service of CECE.

The representatives of CECE's Statistical Commission together with representatives of the sister associations from Japan, Korean and North-America form the Intercontinental Statistical Committee (ISC), which takes care of the worldwide statistical systems for the construction equipment industry.

The Statistical Commission is chaired by Nicolas Clerc from Caterpillar.

The Trade Policy Commission (TPC) of CECE focuses on 3 main topics: International trade incl. free-trade agreements, market surveillance, intellectual property rights and counterfeiting. It consists of governmental affairs specialists and sales experts from member companies and staff of national member associations.

Product Groups

Product Groups (PG) consist of industry representatives manufacturering the same type of equipment. They meet to exchange - in accordance with European regulations and laws on competition - information and promote technical and economic co-operation.

Today the following Product Groups  are active within CECE:

  • PG Road Equipment - Chairman: Anton Demarmels from Ammann
  • PG Concrete Equipment - Chairman: Frank Siefert from Liebherr
  • PG Tower Cranes - Chairman: Amaia Susperregui from JASO
  • PG Hydraulic Attachment Tools - Chairman: Torsten Ahr from Atlas Copco