CECE Position Papers

CECE activity is essentially focused on working on a number of active issues, the direction of which is derived through the work programme (via our members) or in response to European union policy or regulatory initiatives.  This means that there are a limited number of issues in progress at any one time.

CECE is active on several topics having a potential impact on its members.
These dossiers relate to EU environmental policy, external trade, internal market and more (see Key Topics page for more details).

On those topics of interest to our members we try to influence the legislation from when it is written by the regulators, and monitor its implementation once adopted at EU and national level, thanks to the cooperation of our member associations and companies of our network.

Our opinions and requests are formulated in Position Papers, which are drafted by the relevant CECE working groups and adopted by CECE Steering Group (see the page Structure for further details).

In certain circumstances, we collaborate, either with sector associations or with other branches of industry.

Please do not hesitate to download here below our most recent Position Papers.