CECE Annual Economic Report 2017 published

BRUSSELS – CECE published yet another edition of its Annual Economic Report which provides an in-depth look on the state of the European construction equipment sector. The report this year also includes information from the national CECE member associations, shedding more light on the regional developments in the European sector.

The European construction equipment sector saw sound growth of 10% in 2016. Building construction equipment experienced better demand than the civil engineering equipment sub-sectors. Overall, the market is at its highest level in five years, but still considerably below the pre-crisis record levels. These are the main findings of the CECE Annual Economic Report 2017.

On March 16th CECE published a press release ‘European construction equipment market performs well in a global context’. You can view the press release: here and the report: here.

More info: roma.guziak@cece.eu