Road Circulation


Due to the lack of harmonisation at EU level, individual Member States have maintained and/or issued specific requirements to address safety of Non-Road Mobile Machinery circulating on the road. However, this has led to a situation where this kind of equipment, which for all other aspects is covered by harmonised EU legislation, may not be developed and produced in a single version to fulfill those requirements. In fact, the multiplication of different requirements in the various EU Member States obliges manufacturers to produce many versions of the same machine model in order to sell it within the EU. This represents a disproportionate and unjustified economic and administrative burden which actually discourages competition.

CECE Position

The European Commission should propose a harmonised regulatory instrument in order to ensure a high level of safety for the circulation of non-road mobile machinery on public roads, taking into account existing EU legislation.

CECE welcomes that the Vice-Presidant of the European Commission expressed his commitment to ensure that this gap in the Internal Market legislation is filled and that the Commission's services will investigate how this can best be achieved.